Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quote from Frank Rich

From today's New York Times:

Not all Republicans are so clueless, whether in Congress or beyond. Charlie Crist, the moderate Florida governor who appeared with the president in his Fort Myers, Fla., town-hall meeting last week, has Obama-like approval ratings in the 70s. Naturally, the party’s hard-liners in Washington loathe him. Their idea of a good public face for the G.O.P. is a sound-bite dispenser like the new chairman, Michael Steele, a former Maryland lieutenant governor. Steele’s argument against the stimulus package is that “in the history of mankind” no “federal, state or local” government has ever “created one job.” As it happens, among the millions of jobs created by the government are the federal investigators now pursuing Steele for alleged financial improprieties in his failed 2006 Senate campaign.

The piece is nice in pointing out the delusional quality of far-right Republican thinking. And Michael Steele's comment is about as stupid as they get.

But the mention of Michael Steele also brings back memories of the 2004 Republican Convention, and this stirring minority report, if you will, by Stephen Colbert:

So when Steele says stupid things as quoted above, I cannot help but hear Colbert say, "The L G of M, Jon!" "It's crab, Jon! Crab! In cake form. Does that mean anything to you?"

Wishing you all a night of deliciousness,
Your Humble Correspondent.

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