Friday, February 13, 2009

Third Blog Opens to Absolutely No Fanfare At All


I have a knitting blog; I've blogged about other things there on occasion, but it seems sort of rude to do that to someone who goes there for the infrequent knitting posts.

I have an unemployment blog; my occasional posts are generally for former coworkers who miss the weird stories I made up at work to keep myself entertained.

But there are other things I wish to write about from time to time that don't fit under 'knitting' or 'things most people who actually know me would be interested in'. Odd remarks on, or the occasional full review, of books I've read. Rantings about political crap. Simspons quotes. Long passages of purple prose about my true love for Distiller's Edition 17 year old Lagavulin double-matured single malt scotch.

So I'll be fixing up this blog along the way, adding gadgets, links, and odds and ends of writings.

There will be links to my other blogs, and if you just can't get enough of me, you can subscribe to all three. Woo hoo.

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